I am an American photographer with a passion for collaborating with models and sharing knowledge. It’s almost never my intent for my photographs to be a technical tour de force. I prefer to celebrate my subject rather than flatter. Often the work is about beauty, other themes are at play, too.

One of the most important things about any creative work is the discussion that surrounds it. The purpose of art is not to just please as many people as possible.



I was born in the United States but raised in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. I come from a family of artists and grew up visiting museums in dozens of countries. Although I had a lot of exposure to art as a child, I did not have a personal interest in it until I took a surrealism art history class in the tenth grade. I learned traditional media such as painting and drawing in art school, but now work exclusively in photography.

My initial training with anatomy was figure drawing class. I earned an art degree from Fort Lewis College in Durango CO.

After college, I supported myself by clerking and working the darkroom of a photography store. Soon after I became a freelance artist and professional photographer. I went back to school and got an MBA and tried a few different things, including managing large corporate teams and even getting licensed as a stockbroker. But art kept calling me. A few years back I quit my day job. I don't shoot weddings, real estate, or events. I just shoot for my artwork. I make my own sets and props and am constantly scouting locations and subjects.

I am happiest working on creative projects and devote as much time as possible to new ideas. My second favorite pursuit is helping others further their artistic endeavors.

Photographer and model

A K Nicholas, a camera, and model

First Figure Shoot


As an art student, I made figure drawings and paintings from live models. My first figure photo shoot occurred quite unexpectedly. After asking a classmate if I could photograph her, she entered the studio and fully disrobed, assuming that is what I had intended.



I sold my first artwork at the age of nineteen, from a gallery exhibit in the town where I was attending college. I've held various other exhibits in Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, New York, North Carolina, and South Carolina. However, I rarely show my work in a physical space anymore, preferring to focus on a global audience online. Fewer than five percent of my sales are in South Carolina, where I reside.


I have written a few books and numerous articles.  My books include how-to's for figure photography and pictorial books that explore and celebrate beauty. In my instructional books you'll learn from twenty years of successes (and even some mistakes) with hundreds of models. 

My pictorial books are mainly launched through Kickstarter and sold on my gallery site, Bella Nuda.


Figure Art Photography and Books