Biographical: A.K. Nicholas fine art photographer


A. K. Nicholas is an American visual artist who creates photography in an unapologetic celebration of the female nude. His sensual, painterly style mixes formal art training with theatrical elements. This unorthodox aesthetic is an escape from reality that is neither overpowered by eroticism, nor bound to modesty. Classically trained in painting, drawing, and photography, A. K. builds photographic narratives through an intuitive process of collaboration with his subjects, followed by meticulous digital modification. He imparts subtle mood shifts with handcrafted palettes or a near-monochrome technique that includes hints of color. signature-300

Education and Background

A second-generation artist, raised in Saudi Arabia, A. K. encountered censorship of female bodies early on. His third-culture upbringing included visiting galleries and museums in dozens of countries. With a penchant for lighting things of fire, young A. K. was forbidden to touch the family camera and his first camera was so cheap it didn’t work.< A. K. received a bachelor’s degree in art from Fort Lewis College in Colorado. He is influenced by photographic storytellers, including Sally Mann and Sandy Skoglund. A. K. sees photographic equipment as merely a means to an end. His interests lay in preparing the activity in front of the camera. A.K. Nicholas with film cameraA.K. Nicholas with film camera


A.K. Nicholas, camera, and model
A.K. Nicholas, camera, and model

Creative Process

A. K. Nicholas is a visual artist who uses photography to tell stories exclusively featuring the female nude. His vision is independent from his medium, rooted in training that included painting, sculpture, and theater design.

Availability of Artwork

A. K. Nicholas expresses his creativity as limited edition archival photographs and artist’s monographs (pictorial books.)  The pictorial books explore and celebrate beauty. Pictorial books are mainly launched through Kickstarter and sold on the gallery site, Bella Nuda.

His artwork has been distinguished in catalogs and feature exhibitions by art dealers such as Saatchi Art, ArtFinder, and Zatista.