Pink Sands | Art Photo Book from the Edge of Paradise

About this Project

I am assembling a photo book of 100+ fine art images in a unique location.

Pink Sands is an art photo book celebrating the female form. Every backer gets exclusive project updates with photos and HD video.

We will shoot on a small Island on the outskirts of the Bahamas. This multi-model project will showcase beauty in pristine nature. 

This idea started with a generous and unique opportunity, use of a large house for one week. Funds raised will be used for airfare and other transportation, compensating models, as well as photographic supplies and spares. Food will also be a significant expense in this remote location. We will be working long hours and every dollar will be stretched to get the best results.


2015 • 2016Photo Book as softcover, hardcover, and digital

Book Details

Pink Sands is a 100+ image art photobook. It will be arranged as a series of visual themes, each with a brief written introduction. The book will be self-published and available online as print on demand. Printed in the US.

Four formats will be produced:

  • Softcover 8.5×11 inches (22×22 cm). Premium 70# paper. 
  • Special Edition Hardcover 8.5×11 inches (22×22 cm). Premium 80# paper.
  • Expanded edition. Very limited. Hardcover 8.5×11 inches (22×22 cm). Premium 70# paper.
  • E-book 8.5×8.5 inches (22×22 cm). 300 dpi resolution.


Location Details
This island is about three miles long and far from the rest of The Bahamas, there are no cruise ships, no giant hotels, and very very few people. The  photographic attractions include unspoiled beaches, with coral-pink sands. Other islands are nearby with cliffs and waves crashing against rocks. We are staying in a large house with five bedrooms, a swimming pool, and waterfall. The majority of images will be shot on the beach, but we can't overlook the opportunity to take some photographs in this fabulous house. This trip is being made possible by the great generosity of the property owner; she is allowing us to use the house for one week.