Alt Color: Art Photo Book

I am assembling a photo book of 100+ fine art and implied images that share an alternative approach to color.

Alt Color is an art photo book celebrating the female form through unconventional color schemes. Every backer gets exclusive project updates with photos and behind-the-scenes tutorials.

This book explores unusual color in a departure from the mainstream. The color processes are inspired by classicly toned black and white prints, monochromes (sepia, for example), and engineered color (examples of these follow).

The color treatments are meticulously applied across each image using manual tone painting (a digital version of hand coloring).

This body of work is inspired by the experimental techniques I used in the days of the wet darkroom, before going digital: selenium toning (produces a varied effect depending on time in the liquid), sepia (replaces the silver of a black and white print with a warm color), cyanotype, metal plate etching, hand coloring, hand-applied emulsion, cross processing (intentionally using the “wrong” chemicals to develop film).

Funds raised will be put towards studio time, stylists, makeup artists, props, travel to locations, paying models, and other expenses towards finishing the images and getting books printed for the backers.

Funded through Kickstarter.