I am an American-born photographer with a passion for collaborating with models and sharing knowledge.  Its almost never my intent for my photographs to be a technical tour de force. I prefer to celebrate my subject rather than flatter. There is something captivating about  traditional beauty blended with the unexpected.

I am happiest working on creative projects and devote as much time as possible to new ideas. My second favorite pursuit is helping others further their artistic endeavors. I write to help you learn from my experiences, including how to avoid some common mistakes and to encourage your creativity.

As the child of a professional painter living overseas, I became interested in art through museum visits and other cultural experiences in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. Growing up the Middle East, I saw how women's bodies were hidden from public view. I noticed similar attitudes, although to a lesser extent, in America. In contrast, European cultures seemed to lack this prudishness.

My first camera was hand-made from an oatmeal box for a middle-school project. My initial training with the nude was figure drawing while studying art in college, but I knew that photography would be my medium of choice.  My first nude subject was a complete surprise to me when a classmate in college offered to pose for me and she did so totally unclothed.

After college, I supported myself by clerking and working the darkroom of a photography store. Soon after I became a freelance artist and professional photographer. I am a big believer in learning by doing and have spent decades photographing hundreds of models for publication in books, articles, as framed prints, product advertisements, for stock agencies, and gallery exhibits. My exhibit work consists mainly of photomontage, sometimes printed life-sized.

These days, when I pick up a camera, it is to fulfill a personal calling and not the agenda of a client.

A K Nicholas

I am an American-born photographer, specializing in figure photography. My passions are collaborating with models and sharing knowledge. I've written several books that explain the techniques of nude photography. You can follow me on twitter @eleganteye or find updates on Facebook. My pictorial photobooks are also available on Kickstarter

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